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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Consecutive earthquakes, recorded in Mindanao November 27, 2011

This morning some earthquake records from Mindanao.

According to the report of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), defined the first quake at 14 kilometers south west of Valencia City Bukidnon.

With force said it felt 3.6 magnitude around 6:37 am.

It a depth of only a mile and tectonic source said.

The second tremor with force in turn is determined magnitude 3.2 around 9:19 am.

RP is its epicenter three kilometers southeast of Tandag, Surigao del Sur and also tectonic origin

4 dead, 39 injured after bridge to disrupt - Indonesia November 27, 2011

JAKARTA - killed four people while 39 were  injured after a bridge to disrupt the East Kalimantan province in Indonesia.

According to the report, did such a bridge collapsed after it passed a few cars and motorcycles.

Covered bridges the Mahakam River, the longest bridge on the island of Borneo in the country, connected with coal mining districts.

Covered bridges the Mahakam River, the longest bridge on the island of Borneo in the country, connected with coal mining districts.

Continuing the rescue patrol team said river to ensure that none of the other surviving casualties. (Reuters)

Pressured the judge to CGMA case November 27, 2011

Concerned Lawyers for former First Gentleman Jose Miguel "Mike" Arroyo available information about the alleged pressure on judges holding in the case of former President Gloria Arroyo.

According to Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, verified their news reports and to whom do they come from such pressure.

Topacio specifically named by Justice Sec. Leila de Lima said to write Pasay City Regional Trial Court Branch 112 Judge Jesus Mupas.

Purpose of such a letter said to block the possibility of giving full force allows the judge to house arrest by Arroyo camp.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mayweather, dictate the details of the fight contract with Pacquiao November 26, 2011

WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, said that certain American undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. dictate the details of the fight contract.

According to Mayweather, should he follow reportedly because he's more famous to Pacquaio.

Earlier, Pacquaio confirmed that rolling the negotiations for their 2012 fight with Floyd Jr..

If you recall, twice interrupted the negotiations of the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout for super complaint of American fighter.

"If Floyd Mayweather tell you he's going to make 50 million, he's probably going to make 70 million, " said Mayweather .

"After a fight, there is no telling on how much I really make. Am I going to be the highest paid athlete at the end of the year? Most likely. "

15 Pinoy seafarers, released by Somali pirates November 26, 2011

ROME, Italy - Freed of the pirates in Somalia an Italian cargo ship, seven months after hijacked in the Arabian Sea.

MV Rosalia D'Amato was hijack on April 21 while sailing from Brazil toward charging Iran with soybeans.

The ship has 21 crew includes 15 Filipinos and six Italians.

Based on the report of the Italian media, the company paid the ransom, in exchange for freedom of cargo vessel and its crew.

Found that the initial demand of Somali pirates as ransom was $22 million but the company's ship detail how much you paid ransom.

I assured the shipping company without the injured crew of MV Rosalia D'Amato.

Currently there are more than 27 ships still held by pirates in Somalia and more 450 crew hostages. (AFP)

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