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Friday, October 7, 2011

Government Study the "CEASEFIRE" October 8, 2011

Undertake through assessment said the government's request to Linging Mayor Henry's wife as Mrs. Dano Amilia Ventura Dano the AFP and PNP to declare a ceasefire with the NPA.

At the request of Mrs. Dano, said sole purpose of his call tp be safe and not be a hindrance to the scheduled execution of the release orders to Mayor Dano and the two body guards that still held the rebels.

President Spokesman said today Lacierda Edwin, determine first the recommendation og the force on the ground if possible such measures.

According to Lacierda, I welcome them ceasefire but it is better to wait the assessment of the military beacme especially when successive NPA attacks which last made mine in Surigao del Norte.


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