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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miriam Stop the Selling and Buying organs October 6, 2011

Sen. filed yesterday. Miriam Defensor - Santiago is a bill that aims to legalize the taking of  'human organs' from deceased donors or deceased person.

The Senate in 2979 or "An Act establishing a National Program for Sharing organs from Deceased Donors," James said of his proposals aim to control the syndicates 'buying and selling organs' in the country.

"Any of the non- related living donors are reportedly destitute individuals who sold their kidney to rich Patiens in need, "said James According to lawmakers, said the 'donors' U is happening in recruitment of "middlemen" who went around the country to sell their kidneys or a kidney replacement of  P100,000.

"the crime is perfected by unscrupulous surgeons and hospitals out to make huge amounts of mone at the expense of these poor people," she James.

Proposal stresses the senator that should prohibit the sale of any organ recipients.

"Should only be Wanted organs freely, without any monetary payment".


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