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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Standard on New Zealand ships, worsens the situation; 200 seabirds killed in oil spill October 12, 2011

Paul asked mabey, lawyer of 44-year-old captain of the MV Rena, just hide the name of Pinoy seaman and where it is now stuck, because it might retaliate said the people of New Zealand.

Found to appear in court the captain facing neglect, but allowed to a bail.

But the court ordered every morning to report it to police until his next court dealing on October 19 where supposedly possible to increase its case.

Overall wearing the orange jacket, prominent anxiety and always just looked at his feet or its attorneys.

If proven guilty, would face a year's imprisonment Pinoy seaman.

Also found himself the captain of the day, when the strand on the astrolabe Rena MV Reef in Bay of Plenty.

Meanwhile, further worsening the situation of the MV Rena.

According to Prime Minister John Key, could destroy the ship due to the large wave shitting it.

Extends to 350 tones of oil leaking from the ship as 200 dead seabirds were seized off the coast of Bay of Plenty.

May 70 container vans cargo ship thrown in the ocean.

Firstly he said Environment Minister Nick Smith has the greatest marine disaster in the history of New Zealand. (NZ Herald)


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