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Thursday, October 6, 2011

World Leader, recalled Steve Jobs, offered Vigil October 7, 2011

Flooding still a variety of social networking sites of tribute for the late co-founder and chief executive officer of software giant Apple of Steve Jobs.

Except for U.S. President Barack Obama first expressed sorrow yesterday, today will be extended to other world leaders to regret their Jobs.

On his Twitter account, announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron that they owe genius of Apple Inc. how they work and relax in the modern era now is so obvious that it misses everybody in the world.

Facebook also expressed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy's admiration with its former CEO of Apple and called it "great entrepreneur, innovator and major player in the world's technological revolution".

According to Prime Minister Enda Kenny Ireland, Jobs was the key to the on set of large and diverse business and he also opened the minds of people each with creative thoughts.

 Realized that Apple has a big factory in the Irish Republic which opened in 1980 to be able to manufacture a MAC computer.

He said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Steve changed the world and completely sympathize with her orphaned co-founder of software giant company.

Medvedev nwt once and jobs were last year to visit Silicon Valley in California where the letter heroes his company and shared its plans inthe future and Stick Presented the iPhone4.

Meanwhile, now full of flowers and pictures of Jobs are few places in different countries like China, Hong Kong and in California was exactly where Jobs lives. In New York, ordinary siblings left two red apple outside the Apple store.(CNN)

Credit: Bomboradyo


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