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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

61 pilot whales killed and stranded to the New Zealand beach November 16, 2011

Wellington, New Zealand - New Zealand is now trying to restore government to the ocean's remaining life stranded pilot whales after nearly 100 pilot whales on a remote beach in NewZealand.

Tourist found this morning the 61 pilot whales that nothing in life, in the South Island by the Department of Conservation.

According to the local agency manager John Mason, they expect to return to the ocean a few pilot whales remaining lifetime, if not high tide.

Mason announced this morning that they we re induced also killed the 18 pilot whales that although life yet is serious when he said across the state so they performed euthanasia in mammals than inflict on them.

The pilot whales are the most species of sharks in New Zealand but a year, having more than three times the mass standing of such mammals in the oceans of the country.

Until now it has not explained why experts are stranded the pilot whales, particularly in New Zealand.!AFP)


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