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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China, do not discuss the territorial dispute in the East Asian Summit November 15, 2011

BIEJING, China - China immediately opposed by the full force of the Philippines to discuss the East Asia Summit held in Bali, Indonesia this week about the disputed territory in the South China Sea.

According to Assist Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, China hoping not to talk about the East Asia Summit to attend the 18 Asia-Pacific nations, the issues on territorial dispute.

Without involving the issue in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) to make gathering since the East Asian Summit is for raw to discuss economic cooperation.

"The South China Sea issue has nothing to do with the East Asian Summit because the East Asian Summit is a forum for discussing economic cooperation and development," said Liu.

On the whim of Chinese officials, Beijing consistent position on the disputed territory, just resolved the issue in the direct consultation with the claimants only.

Learned just now that China has resented the presence of U.S President Barack Obama in the East Asia Summit.

Obama was the first U.S president attend such a gathering.

Firstly the U.S declared a national interest among its South China Sea as an important shipping lane.

"The intervention of outside forces is not helpful for the settlement of the issue, " added Liu. "On the contrary, it will only complicate the issue and sabotage peace, stability and development in the region." (AP)


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