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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dean questioned the Speed ​​of law in Arroyo case November 22, 2011

Some legal experts like San Beda College of Law Dean Fr. Ranhilio Aquino wondering the fast answer in Comelec en banc and also followed very issuance of a warrant of arrest from the Pasay City RTC.

Well this morning, Dean Aquino said he doubts if this is the Comelec to act quikly to other holding complaints.

Experts believe the law should resolve the first constitutionality of the Comelec- issued DOJ panel before resolution.

Law expert also concerned because they might lose the independence of the Comelec and compass on that Malacañang-Arroyo simply intercept and execute the Supreme Court TRO.

On turn in Pasay City RTC, with 10 daytime the judge to review the information to properly fussy documents paricularly heavy in this complaint that a non-bailable offence


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