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Friday, November 18, 2011

The deployment of U.S. Marines in Australia November 18, 2011

NUSA DUA, Indonesia - Indonesia warned today the only cause of regional tensions was the statement of U.S. President Barack Obama, deployment of U.S. Marines in Autralia.

According to Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa he is not affected by America and China the other Asian countries.

"What I would hate to see is if SUCH development were to provoke a reaction and counter-reaction that precisely to Create Vicious Circle of tensions and mistrust or distrust," said Natalegawa.

While welcome in neighboring countries said China Obama's declaration  that America's Pacific U.S power and remain in the  region, are more far gone  U turn inside of Beijing.

Found that China opposed sending U.S. military aircraft and 2,500 U.S. Marines in Australia as a training hub in the allied countries in the Asia-Pacific.

But Obama's unwavering commitment not to fear the United States in Beijing is now apparent vying with the U.S. being powerful economic and military force.

According to Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam, not members of ASEAN which caught the diverse interests of major world powers.(CNA)


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