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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pacquiao is ready tomorrow November 12, 2011

LAS VEGAS -- It is easier opponent Manny Pacquiao today compared to its previos two fights with Juan Manuel Marquez.

This is the optimistic statement of Hall-of-Fame trainer Nacho Beristain, Marquez's trainer and with its belief base.

According to Beristain, the first two against Pacquiao and Marquez, although he had difficulty taking care of this finish fight, it is because Marquez cannot see where the punch comes from the National Fist.

Three years ago, has evolved with Pacquiao (53-3-2, 38KOs) much more strength and become fast and functional as it frequently right hand.

But, for Beristain, it became easy for them to analyze the motion Pacquiao now.

"John knew how to deal with that right hand and it favors my boxer, " said Beristain's in Spanish. "In the first two fights, Pacquiao's punches where coming from all angles, but this time, you'll see how John will neutralize that."

Beristain also defended by the boxer to malicious drug issues. "Athletes make the decisions themselves on whatever They put in their body, " her arms. "To me it's just ignorant, to put something in your body, because I do not know what you are putting you in there, how long it is going to affect you in the long run. We saw it back in 64 'When we had the Olympic team. I went to Bulgaria and They were giving us all this stuff that They wanted us to buy and we just said 'No. It's not for us'. It has existed for a long time. It's out there. "


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