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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Philippines standing in SEAG November 24, 2011

Today defended the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman Richie Garcia their previous projection of 70 gold medal in the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia.

According to Garcia, their gold medal projection is derived from studies based on the records of athletes.

Official also clarified that they did not blae the atheletes because of the collapse of the country in sixth position in the overall standing of 2011 SEA Games.

Total of 36 gold, 56 silver and 77 bronze medals earned the medal of the national team to remain in sixth place in the overall ranking.

The host country Indonesia the big winner in the SEA Games in their 182 gold, 151 silver and 142 bronze medals, Thailand's second (107-100-120), Vietnam (96-90-100), (Malaysia (59-50-81) and Singapore (42-45-73).


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