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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family is Angry so that RAMGEN's Killed November 10, 2011

This statement of Atty. Analuz Cristal, Lawyes taught two suspects in the murder of the Baptist Ramgen Naltea, Michael Jayand, Roy Francis Tolisora after the preliminary investigation at the Prosecutor's Assistant Leah Rome in ParaƱaque City yesterday.

"Bryan told clients that Rmgen brother was injured and angry that the family needed him so down," said on Atty. Cristal.

Bryan said he spoke more compelling with his boss that he cannot mention names for Ramgen kill.

Bryan was still at large contact to Naltea and taught kill Tolisora Ramgen.

Added Atty. Cristal couner affidavit based on two of his clients planned on October 12 Ramgen kill them but the next day  they spoke October 13 Bryan to retreat.

When asked if their alleged who will replace them quoted Byran that Vista Glaiza hitman knows because it replaces.

Due to such revelations attorney said the two suspects "Glaiza was the only one know the hitman".

Also stood two suspects in their participation statement Mary Joseph Ramona and Ramon Bautista this plan because they're killing the driving of the vehicle to enter the hitman in BF  Homes.

Today afternoon will again continue the PI which is another witnesses presented by Atty. Cristal nothing proves that the two suspects  when the crime occurred.


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