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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fight Pacquiao - Mayweather next year November 10, 2011

LAS VEGAS (AFP) -- Manny Pacquio quitly whether or not he fight Floyd May weather next year, but said his trainer awaited showdown the only remaining challenge for Filipino boxing icon.

Met hundreds of fans yesterday when Pacquiao arrived in Las Vegas for them against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico in November 13 (Manila time), but just twitch-shoulder pain Mayweather's May 5 fight them.

When the two fought, could reach $ 50 million a piece, are accepted.

"I think that fight has to happen," the whim of Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer. "It needs to happen becabecause it's the only challenge out ther (for Pacquiao). I do not see any other challengers. "

Pacquiao's camp made it clear that they do not accept Mayweather'x telling when and where the fight.

"I'm kind of tired of Floyd," added Roach. "Shut up and fight or not. We'll fight him any day of the week. Who is he to make the rules? If that fight does happen, I'm not going to cry".

Would be still Pacquiao Marquez. Personally for the Filipino, for bourgeois Marquez should be wins the first two fights, the 2004 draw and 2008 split-decision victory by Pacquiao.

"He disrespected me. The Most Important thing to me is respect, " where Pacquiao, said second only the $ 20 million availabale so accepted the fight.


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