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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ramona's husband: "NO ONE CAN TOUCH US" November 11, 2011

The husband of Mary Ramona 'Mara' Bautista spoke about he killing to Ramgen that allegation in his Filipina wife and another brother.

Based on the Hurrivet Daily News reports quoted the husband of Ramona his innocent wife and nothing can move them.

"Nothing will come out of this incident. Everything is made up of merely allegations. No one can touch us, "

Meanwhile, there is an affidavit submitted by attorney Ramona the preliminary investigation at the office of Quezon City Assistant Prosecutor Leah Rome yesterday afternoon.

Given only by Rome until November 18 The Mara to appear and submit a statement or response in the case filed against him in connection with killing brother Ramgen.

Of Rome to whom the request of Atty. Dennis Manzanal, Ramona's lawyer, who give extra time to submit a counter affidavit filed or facing murder and frustrated murder case against his client.

When Ramona was not met or the attorney there of, be deemed submitted for resolution in the case where the piscal  decide to raise in court the case even before it pass the narrative.

According to Rome, the usual procedure, the accused and cursed as was Mara.

The piscal refused to respond when asked by journalists whether he will send only when the affidavit was Ramona may depose the Philippine embassy or consulate.

Meanwhile, also refused to give statements Atty. Why no Manzanal affidavit submitted by Ramona's camp.


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