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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Janelle Manahan was willing to speak November 23, 2011

Janelle Manahan was willing to speak about the case of killing her boyfriend Ramgen Bautista was attributed to the brothers, in case she need in court.

Mr. Manahan, willing to witness his child when it is necessary to the court in relation to the murder of her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, The Task Force asked Ramgen the Department of Justice (DOJ) to bind well to watch list order three of the seven suspects in killing of Ramgen.

According to Atty. Almer Mangondong, It is necessary that they wish to subject the watch list three other suspects were Ryan Pastora, Glaiza Visda and it was Norween lover Dela Cruz.

"We just ensures that they get out of the country because Ryan is still at large and was Visda and Dela Cruz they submit their affidavit in court, " said Mangondong.

Also expressed by Senior Supt. Billy Beltran, chief of the Quezon City Police, who hopes to open Visda submit affidavit and Dela Cruz were the office of Manila Assistant City Prosecutor Leah Rome with their lawyer, Atty. Claire Castillo.

As on November 25, Fridays, Continue to turn backs preliminary investigation in Maria Ramona Bautista yaught that one of the brain to kill his brother Ramgen.


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